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Hi, it is wackynews and i’m back in action again.  Hold the applause. If you are reading this then shut up no i’m just kidding, what i was going to tell you was that i’m still going to be writing stories like I used to you watch me. No. please don’t watch me that’ll be disgusting. Ha Ha Ha Ha


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thank you

Whoever posted that comment thank you very much. please feel free to post more. I AM NOW WACKYNEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MAKE A COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on you guys make a comment. I mean you don’t have nothing to say at all like it’s dumb great or something, remember what I said.

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Where the heck am I? all i see is darkness and a tiny crack of light. Who are you…. wait stooop….. get off me……. ooh my gosh it’s it’s…………………………………………………………………….. Michael Jackson. I goooota get the hack out of here ooooh shooot here he comesMichael: I just wanna play with you. No way hoooozaaaaay. MJ: mmmmeeeeeeeeeowwwwww come here. No, I’m going throw this rock at you. Mj:ooooooooooowwwwwwwww.  I found a hole. Sooo good to be outside again.

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I know Ipromised I would write more but I just can’t think  of anything.   I need to tell you something, I might forget (delete, erase) this whole website. but I need youre comments to tell me if I should or shuold not  please just please.

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I am sorry for the mistakes

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I’m taking over

Hi I’m wackynews’s sister and I’m making a story. Uhh what should I do. I have no idea what to do. Hi bro……… uh nothings on the computer…………….. you better not or I will, you know…..  . Sorry avout that let me see what she wrote. WOW!!!!! Really nothing. I told you boys are better than girls.

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Craziness part 2

Jason He (this is related to my first blog) is he an alien or just crazy and is he and Max up to a plan to destroy our world? Jason, Jason, Jason he’s a very smart boy, but knows to much. No boy I have ever met has that much knowledge except for my friends Andy, Griffin, Jack, Eric, Wilson, Alex, Soufian, Sean, and a little bit of Max (these are only boys in my class so don’t be mad because I don’t know you and for the girls in my class I’m not supposed to put you here because it’s a boy thing and you are already smart and you think you’re smart). Sometimes he talks to fast as if he’s talking a different language that nobody has ever heared before. So do you think he’s an alien or a normal guy? It’s you’re choice. (Craziness part I was better)

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Max Kaplan, is he a robot, alien, creature from another demension, or just an ordinary guy? Well lets look at the facts. My friend Max likes to go out on midnight and call to his other friends and family from above, but how can he have family and friends from “above” and still have his own family and friends on Earth. There is a reason for that Max is adapted (wait if i spelled that wrong I’m sorry) and has no record of his past family. Sometimes Max think he’s going through pueberty (if I spelled that wrong Don’t be mad at me I’m still learning) but is that really pueberty or mutation? (if I spelled that wrong well forget you!!) This is the end of my story so bye.

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